Intro to Plant Pathology STOCKSCH 111

Summer Term II


Instructor: George LoCascio
Office hours: email for appointment

(please email instructor if you don’t have the pre-req but would like to take the class, and he will manually register you)

Course Description:
This course will give students an introduction into the common groups of organisms that cause plant disease. We will explore their life cycles and basic biology. We will explore the different signs and symptoms plants exhibit when affected by these many organisms. Students will listen to lectures, participate in discussions, investigate primary literature, take quizzes, and interact with fellow students in an online setting. Get ready to learn the crazy lives of microorganisms and how they affect society!

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Illustrate the fundamental concepts of plant pathology
  2. Learn to understand the importance of plant diseases and their effects on society
  3. Understand the basic life and disease cycles of major plant pathogens
  4. Be able to explain the basic approaches for controlling plant diseases and how these diseases are

Course Structure:

At the beginning of each week, students will be provided with a video lecture and slides. Please view the ​lecture and lecture slides​ in order to take the ​weekly quiz​ no later than Friday night @11:59 EST.In addition to the lecture, there will be ​weekly reading and listening ​assignments on a specific topic.Please read the document(s) and listen to the podcasts and post to the weekly ​discussion forum​ no later than Tuesday night,@11:59 EST the following week. There will be guiding questions to get the conversation going. Interacting with fellow students is part of the discussion grade and posting to at least one other students post is required

Suggested Text:​ (NOT required)

Plant Diseases: Their Biology and Social Impact illustrated Edition by Gail SchumannISBN-10 : 0890541167Grading:Weekly Quizzes 60%Forum posts based on readings and podcasts 40%


Weekly Quizzes 60%

Forum posts based on readings and podcasts 40%

Global maps of soil-dwelling nematode worms

Schedule of Topics

Week 1Introduction to Plant Pathology
● Listen to lecture
● Listen to podcasts and read the first article
● Post to the class introductions forum
● Post to the discussion board
● Take the first quiz

Week 2Fungus

●Listen to lecture
● Post to discussion board
● Take quiz

Week 3Bacteria

● Listen to lecture
● Post to discussion board
● Take quiz

Week 4Nematodes

● Listen to lecture
● Post to discussion board
● Take quiz

Week 5Viruses/Abiotic diseases
● Listen to lecture
● Post to discussion board
● Take quiz

Week 6Epidemiology and Disease control
● Listen to lecture
● Post to discussion board
● Take final quiz

Plant Diseases: Identification & Control | Planet Natural

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